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You can enjoy a nice evening and drink beer thanks to this companies:

About the conference

The event is organized by the Bulgarian Java User Group and random beer fans from Bulgaria.

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Join in for a fun evening of beer and informal Java talks at the Maimunarnika, Sofia. Don't drink beer? No problem, we will provide wine as well ;) and even french fries or belgian fries 🤔. The entrance is free and the registration is optional. You can take your last minute friends or everyone who wants to enjoy a fun evening of beer and Java talks.




30 Aug 2022


Welcome talk by Bulgarian Java User Group and friends*.

30 Aug 2022

AI is teaching Java

Явор Петков

30 Aug 2022

Welcome by our sponsors

Tide Bulgaria, EPAM, Westernacher and Rewe Digital welcomes to the Java Beer summit!

30 Aug 2022

You're already a good developer. So what's next?

Стефан Вадев - В лекцията ще се разкаже какви са възможностите ни, след като вече сме станали добри програмисти. Какъв път можем да поемем от там нататък, какви кариерни разклонения има, и докъде можем да стигнем.

30 Aug 2022

Welcome by our sponsors

SAP, Dreamix, Software AG and Halo Diagnostics welcomes you to Java Beer Summit!

30 Aug 2022

What is next after Agile ?

Agile дойде след Waterfall. Ще дискутираме какво подобри и какво развали. Това ли е бъдещето ? Няма ли нещо яко на хоризонта ? Цял живот ли ще правим Scrum и Kanban и ще се интересуваме от storypoints и velocity ? Toва ли е да си програмист ?

30 Aug 2022

Welcome by our sponsors

Questers, ROITI, Infinite Lambda and Delasport welcomes you to Java Beer Summit!

30 Aug 2022

Програмиране ≠ текстообработка

Данаил Алексиев - Забавна и поучителна история за Microsoft Access, node.js и генерирането на Java код за Андроид и защо тези неща никога не трябва да се споменават заедно.

30 Aug 2022

Cheers by our sponsors

CommerzBank, Codexio and Cognyte and Ciklum says cheers !

30 Aug 2022

Java on Steroids

Stefan Angelov - In this talk, we will dive into why Java and why it’s been on steroids for the last couple of years.

30 Aug 2022

BG JUG says cheers and thanks

This is not the event closing. Will continue to drink beer and network till we can ! :)

30 Aug 2022

Lightning talks

Everyone can talk about whatever he wants ! The stage is yours, just grab a beer and/or laptop(optional) and come to the stage. You can speak about whatever you want. Please introduce yourself first ! :)

Java Beer Summit


Maimunarnika, Borisovata Gradina, Sofia, Bulgaria