Maimunarnika, Sofia, Bulgaria

29 August, 2023

The sponsors !

You can enjoy a nice evening and drink beer thanks to this companies:

Bulgarian Java User Group

EPAM Bulgaria

HALO Diagnostics

With Booth

1500 BGN

Without Booth

750 BGN

Java Beer unconference

The event is organized by the Bulgarian Java User Group and random beer fans from Bulgaria.

There is NO agenda prior to the event, everyone can go to the scene and talk about everything !

We strongly recommend stand up-like talks and not technical talks in order to keep the attendees attention ;)

Register and spred the word!

Join in for a fun evening of beer and informal Java talks at the Maimunarnika, Sofia. Don't drink beer? No problem, we will provide wine as well ;) and even french fries or belgian fries 🤔. The entrance is free and the registration is optional. You can take your last minute friends or everyone who wants to enjoy a fun evening of beer and Java talks.




29 Aug 2023


Welcome talk by Bulgarian Java User Group and friends*.

29 Aug 2023

Lightning talks

Open Mic talks, you can come to the stage and talks about everything

29 Aug 2023

Welcome and cheers!

Yes, at the same time every sponsor can also come to the stage and say welcome or cheers

29 Aug 2023

Open Mic continues

If you are drunk or have superpowers you have the opportunity to give a speech, tell a story or give a toast!

29 Aug 2023

Raffle & Gifts

Our sponsors can come and give some gifts or say some closing words.

29 Aug 2023

JUG drunk talks?

Bulgarian Java User Group leaders can say some drunk talks & try to close the event.

29 Aug 2023

Still here?

Are you still here ? You should be pretty drunk already so why do you even care about the agenda?

29 Aug 2023

Whats next ?

Really ? Who in the world will still be at Maimunarnika at that hours ? This is not a rock concert after all ;)

29 Aug 2023

No hope

At that point we dont know is maimunarnika even working I expect the lights to turn off, go home no more java and/or beer for you tonight !

29 Aug 2023

Alcohol strikes back!

at that point you should feel the beer or other drinks and swear the fact you drunk that much.

29 Aug 2023

Return of the hunger!

Like a young jedi somehow you survived the alochol and looking for food. I guess DIVAKA is an option in sofia still at that hour. Probably some people went there a lot earlier you can try to join or just go solo, han solo.

29 Aug 2023

The hunger awakens!

Joined the DIVAKA Java group or went solo and/or not eating now is now and you have to go to work. Try to eat some мазен сандвич, че си e такоало такоата. Cya 2024 !

Java Beer Summit


Maimunarnika, Borisovata Gradina, Sofia, Bulgaria


29 Aug 2023